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Ryan Ngala’s Poems™ | STN® Poetry™ & Ryan Ngala’s Poems™ Entertainment is set to announce to release a Poem Performance video titled “I Am Martin (Who Am I?)”, that characterizes the life and times of a Civil Rights Leader performed at one of the New York Public Libraries At Countee Cullen, as it just released a trailer yesterday on Ryan Ngala’s Poems™’s YouTube channel At Http://www.YouTube.com/RyanNgalasPoems.

In the trailer it shows a picture of Ryan and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In a trailer tease clip as Ryan performs in the Library auditorium as an event was being hosted by The Harlem Neighborhood Writers for the Second Annual Reading Series “Taste Our Passion for Words” event in the month of September 16, 2017.

The Poem Video Performance Will Be Uploaded On Sunday, January 14, 2018, The Eve Of Martin Luther King Jr. Day Holiday, On YouTube.com/RyanNgalasPoems & Vimeo.com/RyanNgalasPoemsENT


By Ryan Ngala

[Central Park, New York] It’s a beautiful gorgeous day in central park despite how the weather it is many people from different organizations of teams came here to join the biggest & most crowded event of a lifetime.

At the starting point of the process many of people gather the line to start registering for the event and started to pick and look for their teams while many people started walking I was starting to look for the Alpha Nu Omega Sorority, Inc.- New York Alumni Chapter team as I spotted and found Nina alongside with their friends who their names were Medjhy, Rhema and Cassandra they ate some almonds and drank a bottle of water we took some pictures as we headed our way to the starting line of the aids walk in central park we took plenty of walks as I started to stop for refreshments as some of the volunteers from the aids walk crew gave me two bananas, a bottle of water and a granola box.

After that Nina and her group started walking all the way down to central park and 96th street then all the way down as we continue to walk some more as we listen to One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” and many others song on the radio as we got all the way to 110th Street and 7th Avenue.

When Nina and her friends left I decided to walk up the block as many people walk I ask 3 people to answer some questions starting with Tico Santigo, Mary Hidajat & Monica Johnson since it is their first time being in the aids walk I started to begin asking.

Ryan Ngala: Why Is It Important to prevent this kind of disease from happening in our body?

Tico Santigo: To stay alive & enjoy life more

Mary Hidajat: Because it’s a type of a devasting disease that impacts many lives of people

Ryan Ngala: What should we not do to have the disease from attracting other people?

Tico Santigo: Safe Sex & Be cautious of what you do

Mary Hidajat: Practice Safe Sex

Ryan Ngala: Describe 3 words in what does the aids walk event mean to you?

Tico Santingo: Unity, everybody is together for one reason

Mary Hidajat: Awareness, Inspiring & Community

Monica Johnson: Important, Inspiring & Appreciation

Many people started to walk on the 7th Avenue side on 110th Street then on Manhattan Avenue, Columbus Avenue, Broadway as soon as they get all the way to 110th Street & Riverside Drive so we started walking to stop by and got some snacks once they did that we see some people wearing Aladdin costumes so that the people started to take some pictures with them then we walk back all the way up to 85th Street at Riverside Drive then at West End Av, going to broadway, Columbus Avenue, Amsterdam Avenue as we got back to the west side at Central Park & 85th Street we walk all the way to 72nd street but we was none done yet after all that walking I still felt like I wanted to go home all the aids walk volunteers kept on cheering and supporting for us no matter how much it takes for us to get into the finish line and there was still one more mile left to go after it was all said and done many people where back at the finish line as they completed a 10 kilometer mile once they deserve a certificate for their completion of the course.

After they finish they were some refreshment for Turkey Hill ice cream of Frozen Yogurt Fudge Ripple as some of the people had all headed home for the day this was a fun day event for me I should say as I went all around through central park and completed my certificate.


By Ryan Ngala

[Central Park, New York]
What if you can imagine riding a bike during an outdoor experience at central park and as you see many people with bicycles riding it as fast as they possibly can. Well, that is when I look and I saw many cyclists taking a ride on their bikes as they enjoy themselves having a good time loving it.

The company TD Bank was proudly to be presenting it’s Five Boro Bike Tour an amazing event that more than 32,000 cyclists to prepare & compete in the America’s largest cycling event in the country that takes good exercising for those who would want to ride a bike as I walk to central park north on 110th street I saw many riding their bikes when I took a picture on my iPod touch after that I got a chance to see them ride a 40 mile course race it started all the way to battery park as they ride for four boroughs.

As I seen the bike tour myself I would wonder if I had a bike that I could race with as many could compete in an ultimate bike course what if I could win I thought to myself but best wishes to all of the cyclists so off they went to continue riding toward the finish line. But so far as they took their bike to pump up their wheels, had a bottle of water they where off and ready to go.

But so far as the race continues to be in tip top shape many people where ready to get themselves speed up as they got there to be in it to win it.


My Sister Florence Takes this great photo alongside with Abel, Wendy, & Espically Me


During Our weekend trip to Governor’s Island me & my family had a great time we had our very own pinic as we ate watermelon that my mom had cut for us and as the siblings who were having a great time they were climbing on the sculpture model and that i had to literally wait for Florence while she was standing on my shoulder and i had to hold her without her falling herself down, well it was a fun day for me